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I’ve just made an ask blog (askhousedimir) and I want to make the dash for it purely Magic blogs.
So reblog if you:
Are an ask/rp magic blog yourself
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Basically I want blogs containing Magic the Gathering!

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I have a dream! Or rather, I had a dream and almost forgot about it.

In my dream, they reprinted Force of Will in the 2014 Monoblue commander deck.

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I’m so excited, Morph is coming back in Khans. 

*gets up to find a mop and a bucket.*

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I think people are missing the fact that if he’s the commander and his ult deals with planeswalkers, there’s got to be more walkers in the deck. I bet we’ll get some sort of Jace reprint, maybe a Tamiyo. I’m calling it right now, though: if the deck is named Peer Through Time, they have GOT to have an Urza planeswalker card in there.

Did not think of that. WHAT IS IN THAT DECK?

It’s a, MYSTERY!

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Shitty comcast router can’t properly handle its own DHCP setup. I had to use my laptop as a repeater just to get my desktop online. 

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EDH Sunday Report: “Goddamnit my knees are cold!”

After twelve hours of gaming yesterday, the following conclusions were reached:

1. Never trust a the SLUG player.

2. There is a player crazy enough to not only sit through the first 2 hours of a 5-way FFA, but also the next 2-3 hours after three other players left to try and either get through my esper deck’s Eslepth’d 1.0 Emblem’d land control; or try to out durdle me.

3. I’ve played Maelstrom Wanderer so much, that I cast Engima Shpinx several times…and tried to cascade twice.

4. I should start calling my Hazezon deck “Wrath me once, shame on you. Wrath me twice, shame on me. Wrath me three times…wait, you’re out of wraths? Now you die.”

5. People are scared of Hydra Broodmaster, and rightfully so - yet, I’m still the only one playing this in my group.

6. A Scrambleverse happened, and a monowhite deck gained control of Pyromancy - I then killed the other half of the table, but couldn’t manage to kill the Slug player :(

7.Tony [sarcasm] - “[Joz] never lies.]

8. Eating only a moderate breakfast and some diabetes cakes a few hours later is not a good idea for a ~12 hour gaming session. Wearing shorts was an even worse decision.

9. I like lists.

10. Bant isn’t fun - not my own; or anyone else.

11. Helping [Colluding] with a Sharum player who Mind Slavered the guy in #2 to get rid of his Avacyn. 

12. RTFC rubber-ink stamps are something I need to get - and start smashing people’s hands with it, and often.

13. Randomly casting Squelch for the card draw, “is a thing.”

14. The “I hate everything fun about this game” deck that went turn 1 Meekstone, into turn 2 Topor Orb, into turn 3 orb that all permanents enter tapped, into turn 4 Back to Basics…and no one could remove any of it, until I landed a Smah…and the player next to him playing UB Zombies Beacon’d it back into play right after >_<

15. Never trust the U/B player to make the game more fun.

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Step one: Chalice/Astral Cornucopia for 6+, or Thran Dynamo/Basalt Monolith/Dreamstone Hedron/Mana Vault/Grim Monolith/Gilded Lotus + Mana Reflection

Step 2: Colorless infinite planeswalker activation.

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Oh man, this thing would be so awesome if it had hast…maybe a little OP, but sooo awesome!

This might slot into Xira nicely, me thinks. 10 mana round turn 6-8. Cast Crush of Wurms, EoT lose a 6/6 wurm, for 6 2/2’s :D. Repeat 5 more times :D

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I think they missed an opportunity here&#8230;.

"Zurgo, Helmsmasher!"

Also&#8230;how does this character fit into white? Its a goddamn orc helm-smashing asshole?

I think they missed an opportunity here….

"Zurgo, Helmsmasher!"

Also…how does this character fit into white? Its a goddamn orc helm-smashing asshole?

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Dack Fayden strikes again!

Dack Fayden strikes again!

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General Assumptions - Part 4


General Assumptions - Part 4 - Ancient Forbidden Techniques

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You have always been a rebel - at least that’s what you like to think.

Sure, you picked up Magic with your friends, but while they were playing Green and Red, you were mastering Blue. Sure,…

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